Sunday Lunch

Served every Sunday from 12pm – 3.30pm

Home cooked beef or ham, OR  a combination of the two!

One Course – £15.50

Two Courses – add £4.45 (to any meal)

Three Courses – add a further £4.45 (to any meal)


Chicken Goujons £6.95

Chicken fillets, coated in our own breadcrumbs

Bruschetta £5.45 / 9.95 (to share)

Diced tomato, red onion & garlic, topped with a balsamic glaze

Butterfly King Prawns £7.45

King prawns coated in panko breadcrumbs


All meal are served with gourmet fries


Thatched Chicken £17.45

Grilled chicken fillet breast topped with bacon, bbq sauce and melted cheese

Steak, Mushroom & Ale Pie  £17.45

Slow cooked steak, mushrooms and onions, marinated in Pedigree beer

Homemade Gourmet Burger & fries £17.95

8 oz patty served on a bed of lettuce & beef tomato, topped with melted cheese

Cajun Chicken Burger & fries £17.95

Chicken breast. Marinated in cajun seasoning, served on a bed of lettuce & beef tomato

Halloumi Burger & fries (V) £17.95

Grilled halloumi slices, sat on lettuce and beef tomato in a brioche bun 

BIH Ham & Eggs £16.95

Bird in Hand home cooked gammon joint, sliced and topped with free range fried eggs from the Four Shire farm shop. Served with gourmet fries and garden peas

Falafel £16.95

Falafel, accompanied with side salad, sweet chilli sauce and gourmet fries



10 oz Gammon £18.45 

Served with gourmet skin-on fries and double egg or egg and pineapple and rocket

10 oz Viking Gammon £19.45

Gammon steak topped with sliced beef tomatoes and grilled cheese. Served with gourmet fries and rocket

The following steaks are cooked to your preference along with gourmet skin-on fries, rocket, grilled tomato and battered onion rings

10 oz Rib Eye  £25.95

12 oz Rump  £22.95

12 oz Blackened  £23.95 marinated in cajun spice


Add “SURF” to your “TURF” for £4.504 breaded butterfly king prawns


Steak sauces £3.50

  • Peppercorn
  • Diane
  • Mushroom and red wine



Scampi £18.95

Scampi and fries

Beer Battered Cod  £18.95

A large Cod, freshly battered to order in our very own batter mix with ale straight from the cellar!